Monday, June 14, 2010


Hi everyone,
I had the privilege on Saturday to visit our sponsor child's home. It was a 30 minute walk from New Hope. A girl from David Family came with us to translate. We walked with our sponsor child S.'s mom who was going home from work at the guest house. One of the things I have noticed is that the children are so joyful. They don't really have anything to be happy about. We have so much and they have so little but we are always wanting more. We should be a lot more grateful for what God has blessed us with. When we reached our S. house we were greeted with hugs from all his siblings and his grandma. We went into their hut and sat down on some mats. There were 16 of us in their little hut. Half of their hut we sat in and the other half was where they sleep. Their circular hut is about 15 feet in diameter. They also have an outdoor kitchen covered by some thatch. S. and his little brother enjoyed playing with the football we gave them. We went out to their garden. It was not just a little garden. It was really a whole field of maize(corn), sweet potatoes, beans, and cassava. One of S.'s sisters guided me carefully through the garden holding my hand. She also walked halfway home with us. That night we went to the David Family's maize roast. They put the maize into the fire and pulled it out with their hands. After we had a sort of talent show. Some of the boys were very funny. One of the girls directed everyone with sticks and also used them to play the drums on the side of a bench. That night was also the U.S.A. vs. England match in the World Cup. They had set up a projector so everyone could watch. It was a pretty full and exciting day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Playing With New Friends

Hi everyone,

Saturday morning lots of Ugandan kids came to play. John and the boys played with cars and then tried jumping over a tower they made with blocks. A little girl played with me and loved it when I helped her climb a pole. They all like John's cars though some of them are scared when we take pictures of them. The older ones love it though because they can see themselves. Our house is a popular place for kids to go.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mangos and More

Hi everyone,

Last Thursday we were treated to eating fresh mangoes from the David Family's tree.The mangoes are very sweet and juicy. Though they are green on the outside they are a light orange on the inside(when they are ripe). Some of the boys climbed high up in the tree to get some for us. They climbed about 25-30 feet. Another fruit we enjoyed were lemons.One of the missionary families have lemon trees in their backyard. They were not quite ripe but they were still good. We punched a hole in the lemon and squeezed out the juice. I also ate some delicious jackfruit. It was quite sweet.They're kind of like melons. It was a treat for us to get apples and watermelon. As the mangoes, jackfruit, and lemons were fresh they tasted quite a bit better than they do in Canada.