Monday, April 27, 2015


The past couple of weeks have been filled with different emotions. If you have been reading Catriona's blog, you'll know that two weeks ago, precious Carol went to be with Jesus.  It's been really hard for me and for many others here at Kasana.  Sometimes it still doesn't feel completely real.  I'll be talking about the Treasures and I'll begin to say Hassan and Carol but then remember that Carol isn't there anymore.  I have cried many tears.  I miss Carol so so much but at the same time I am so happy that she is in heaven.  When she was here, she was often in so much pain.  She couldn't walk or talk or eat.  Now she is talking, running, singing, dancing, and as Brian and Wilson say, playing the guitar and the drum.  I have so many memories of Carol.  I remember visiting her at Hope Family when we were visiting in 2011. I'd sit beside her and sing songs or give her tickles.  I remember rubbing her tummy and singing to her at Special Needs.  I remember her huge smile when Auntie Christine would say her name.  I remember her tears when she wanted to be cuddled and then her smiles when someone picked her up.  I remember the morning songs at Treasures Class signing our names.  Carol, A. Christine, Catriona, and I had the same letter so we had different places where we put our "Cs".  I remember greeting her at Hassan's House. I am glad that I can look back on these times and that I am able to personally testify that Carol's life had a purpose.  When she first came to Kasana, no one thought she would survive.  Her five years of life were a miracle and God had a plan for every single day.  Carol had a huge impact on my life and the lives of so many others.  I know that God will use her life to bless others in the years to come.  I praise God that I know that Carol is in heaven with him, jumping, dancing, and singing, praising her Father God.  She is in no more pain.  She will never cry again.  She doesn't have to take any more medicine or get any more shots.  She is safe and she is alive!

Please continue to pray for Carol's dad, the Special Needs staff and children and others at Kasana as we continue to miss Carol.  Please also pray for the Treasures in Jars of Clay Program (click on the link to learn more) as they continue in their work.