Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gardens, Fridays, Movies

Hi everyone,
Today we were working in the David Family's garden. We pulling weeds out from the sweet potato plants. My dad had blisters on his hands from working with the hoe. The family father is away but one of the boys was in charge. He was quite friendly with my dad and they talked the whole time they were working. They work very early before the sun gets hot and before they have their breakfast of maize or corn porridge. On Fridays we have 3 kids come selling bread, tortilla chips, and chapati which is kind of like a pita or tortilla. That is a very busy evening. There is almost always someone knocking on the door. Then at 6:30 we go for devotions at the David Family. Another thing we are doing is making a movie with some of the other missionary kids and a couple Ugandans. Catriona and two of the older boys are writing the script.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hi everyone
Yesterday was a very exciting day. I was doing my schoolwork when all of a sudden I heard someone shout, "Is that a snake?" It was and it was a good thing the man cutting grass saw it. He pounded his hoe on the snake crushing his head. He then brought it out for us to see. It was a baby Puff Adder. It is very dangerous. I was told when it bites you the poison eats away at your flesh. The picture of it is when it was dead. The ants were very quick to start decomposing.


Hello everyone

Church here is very interesting. At the beginning while everyone was coming the choir sang . They are a group of Ugandan kids. When the service starts we sing about 4 songs. Some are in English and some are in Lugandan. We sing them quite a few times so that part of the service is about half an hour to an hour long. During the sermon we need to use a translator. It was kind of funny because the sermon is on Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came upon the people at Pentacost and everyone could hear the apostles in their language. It would be a lot easier if everyone could hear the pastor speaking in English and Lugandan even if he was just speaking in Lugandan. After church we met our sponsor child and his family. There are 9 children in his family! It was a great experience for us. They didn't know how to speak very much English so it was hard to talk to them. Later in the afternoon they had a football (soccer) match. It was the Samuel family and the team against the Institute. The Institute won 4-3. For dinner we went to the Jonathan family. We had devotions before dinner. For devotions we went around the table and told what we were thankful for but we couldn't say the same thing twice. We then had to say what we learned from the sermon. For dinner we had beans, rice, posho, and collards. Posho is mashed maize or corn. Collards are a green vegetable kind of like spinach. The kids eat mountains of food. I couldn't eat nearly as much as them. After dinner we played some hand games with the girls and they started teaching us some Lugandan. I wrote them all down in a notebook. We were very tired when we went home to bed.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What We Have Done So Far

Hi everyone,
We are finally here in Uganda! It took a ling time to get here.We left Calgary Monday night at 10:30 p.m. and arrived in London at 2:00 p.m. the next day. We skipped the morning! We skipped the morning because of the seven hour time change. The flight was really only 9 hours. On Tuesday, we went swimming at the Hilton hotel and then headed back to the airport. We got on another 9 hour flight to Entebbe, Uganda. A bus picked us up and we drove to Kampala, the capital city, after the flight. The streets were crowded with people with baskets on their heads, bicycles with people riding or pushing them, motercycles (bodas) swerving in between cars and people, cars and trucks zooming down the street.We went to a shopping centre called Garden City and it was a pretty normal mall except it had security guards holding rifles. They kind of creeped me out because they were everywhere! We then drove one and a half hours to get to New Hope. We went to the guest house and got settled in. Two of the girls took us for a bit of a tour around New Hope. The girls live across the path from us. For dinner we went to one of the missionaries house. We have to call the adults Auntie and Uncle. We even got brownies for dessert! I read some books with their daughter after dinner and then went home and went to bed. On Thursday we played with a little Ugandan boy. One of the missionaries adopted him. We went to a different family's house for dinner. They have a daughter that is 7 and two boys that are 10 and 6.