Saturday, January 12, 2013

Strollers for Hope Family

Last year, my class raised money for strollers for Hope Family. Uncle Stu has bought three strollers -- two double ones and one single. Thank you so much to my class for raising the money. All of Hope Family is very thankful.

Christmas at Kasana

Happy New Year! We had a great holiday. Christmas was lots of fun. We had our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. We had stuffing, mashed potatoes, chicken, carrots and green beans. In the morning we opened stockings and then got to eat a special breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and pure 100% Canadian maple syrup. It was delicious. We opened a present before we left to go to church. After church, all the New Hope staff and kids who were there had a meal together. Some people entertained us by mimicking various people who work here. It was hilarious! For the rest of the afternoon we packed (we were leaving for the camp the next day), and opened the rest of our presents. For dinner we got fruit cake, oatcakes, jam and cheese. (Thanks Fiona!) We went to bed pretty early since we were planning to leave early the next morning. It was a great Christmas even with the lack of snow.