Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trees+Pangas+Chain Saws=Straight Boards

A few weeks ago, there was a bit of commotion outside the New Hope gates.  A tree had been cut down, but unfortunately it fell across the road causing a bit of a traffic jam.  It was soon cut into a few pieces so that the vehicles could get through.  We got some pictures of the process of transforming a tree into very straight boards.

You know you're a MK when...

you eat pudding...

from 1995...

and enjoy it!

(We were given this by a friend who grew up in Kenya. Her parents had given a bag of pudding and jellos but she had never used them so passed them onto us.  Whether she knew the date or not, I don't know!)

Happy New Year!!!

Wow! January is almost half over and I'm just writing my first blog post of 2015! I'm hoping to write a few more today or tomorrow.  Our family got together with some of our friends on New Year's Eve and banged pots and pans together at midnight.  We also drank some sparkling cider as a big treat. 

Kasana, me, and Catriona