Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My 14th Birthday (Part 4)

You would think that we would have had enough birthday celebrations for now but we still had another to go. The David Family girls. We had all the David Family girls over for dinner on Catriona's birthday. We had lots of fun and then Catriona taught us all how to do the Highland Fling and then we watched YouTube videos of Highland Dancing. We also watched Catriona's birthday slide show and played Pictionary.
Highland dancing
The David Family girls

My 14th Birthday Part 3

All was calm and quiet Saturday night. We had finished a delicious dinner of bacon and pancakes at 6:00. Now the previous sentence was strange in 2 ways. First, we only have bacon on special occasions (like peoples birthdays) and it wasn't Catriona's birthday yet. Second, we DO NOT eat dinner at 6:00. 6:30 is early. 7:00 or 7:30 is normal. Anyway we had finished and were relaxing. And then the phone rang. My mum answered and gave it to Catriona. Catriona talked for a little and then hung up. I was in my room and didn't pay much attention to it. Then the phone rang again. Catriona answered and gave it to me and this is what I heard. "Pack everything you will need for the next 24 hours for the car that will be arriving in 14 minutes."

As you can imagine this was quite startling. John asked, "Who was it?" with a smirk on his face. So Catriona and I packed our bags in about 5 minutes and sat waiting.

And then the car came. Two ladies with bandanas on came to the door and blindfolded us and led us to the car. We drove around for 20 minutes and although they said all sorts of things like "We're almost at Murchison Falls." or "We're going to Kampala." For the record, I knew we weren't because besides the fact that it took hours to get to either of those places, we hadn't gone over any speed bumps which are on both sides of the road out of any of the primary side roads. Other than that I had no idea where I was. The car finally stopped and we climbed out of the car and walked. It was during this time that Catriona and I may or may not have bonked heads.

Then the blindfolds were taken off and we discovered we were at A. Chrissy, A. Hannah, A. Wesley, and A. Kimberley's house.

Then the fun began. We ate caramel popcorn, soft pretzels, doughnuts, chocolate, and other good stuff. We watched a movie and then we went to bed.

When we woke up we (the four girls) were covered in these little shreds of plastic. It was no accident. Catriona, Kara, Hadassah, and I decided that we would gather up the bits and pour them on our dear sleeping friends. So we each took one. Unfortunately, A. Kimberly had locked her door. We got her later when she walked out. She got the "snow" and a cup of water. By the way it wasn't anything like snow.

For breakfast, we had biscuits, eggs, and hash browns. Then we left for church. I don't have any pictures but hopefully we'll get some from the others.

My 14th Birthday Part 2

For dinner, I had my good friend Hadassah come over as well as A. Chrissy (our gym teacher and friend) and A. Constance (our neighbour). We had sweet and sour chicken with rice and pineapple and for dessert there was a yummy chocolate cake with M&Ms. If some certain relatives are reading this, you will know where my mum got the ideas for the M&Ms on the cake. After dinner, we watched a slide show with pictures of me. We then drove Hadassah and A. Chrissy home since they live on the secondary side.
Me with Auntie Chrissy
The whole group
Me and my cake
Me and Hadassah

Monday, March 10, 2014

My 14th Birthday (Part 1)

My birthday was great. I had a great breakfast of fresh cinnamon buns thanks to Catriona. I also opened my presents--some t-shirts, a hair tie, some sweeties and chocolate, and tea, and Pringles. At 9 I went to Treasures (Special Needs) Class. I was glad I could go there today. They sang "Happy Birthday". For lunch, we had tuna, pasta, guacamole, bread, and tomatoes. At 3, I went to Hope Family. Hope you like the pictures.

Me and Lydia whose birthday was last week too!
Me and Sharon
Me and Shakira

Saturday, March 1, 2014


This month is going to be a busy and exciting month. My 14th birthday is this Thursday and Catriona's 16th is on Sunday. Then on the 13th we're planning to go to Kobwin (New Hope's other children's centre) for a week. It will be my first time so I'm really excited. And then on the 25th we have some visitors coming for about 2 or 3 weeks. Please pray for all of us (especially my parents) that we will get some rest in the craziness.