Friday, March 8, 2013

Special Needs Class

At the beginning of the school year, Auntie Kate, who heads up Special Needs asked me if I could help them with their baking class and their art class. I go Thursday mornings from 9-12 (usually). At 9, they do their welcome song and counting. If it's a baking day we go to Auntie Kate's house. So far we've made pancakes, cake, and pumpkin muffins. If it's an art day, we stay at the class. I've only been there for two art days. I've really enjoyed doing this. All of the staff are really great. It's amazing how the Special Needs Program went from just Hassan to a class of 10 kids and an outreach program in three years. Please pray for two kids who are in the hospital. One has broken his legs and the other had an operation.

Women's Day

Yesterday, was International Women's Day. All the kids got the day off school. Our neighbours, who are also associated with David Family had all the David Family girls over. We went at 12 and played a game called Luck of the Draw. It was quite a fun day. It was a New Hope version with things to draw like "people fetching water at the tower" or "so-and-so preaching". After that we ate lunch--hamburgers, chips, cookies, and soda. And after lunch we watched the first two episodes of Wind at My Back. Unfortunately, one of the girls has malaria so she wasn't able to come, but everyone else was there.