Friday, September 21, 2012


Uncle Jay and Uncle Jonnes

On Saturday night, we went to a concert, organized by two boys who live here. It "started" at 6:00 but nothing really started until 7:00. I think most people who went can say that they had not laughed so hard in a long time. Lots of kids took part. There was some true African dancing. Some break dancing and rapping. The two people who were leading were hilarious and in between groups they would invite people from the audience up. The funniest part was when Uncle Jay and Uncle Jonnes, the founders of New Hope, had to go up and dance. Everyone was literally roaring with laughter. The concert was to raise money for people in the village and to go in you paid a small fee. During the concert, if you enjoyed the performance then you could go and put som extra money into a briefcase at the front. At the end they lit candles and sang some worship songs. It was very neat because one of the boys who organized the concert had composed his own songs only a couple of weeks ago. They were amazing songs. It was definitely an evening to be remembered.