Monday, November 25, 2013

My Snake

I just had the unique opportunity to kill my first snake. It was really small so not much. Thankfully my first hit was accurate and I succeeded in chopping its head off with one clean cut. After that I hit it a few more times for good measure. We were kind of creeped out by its reflexes. We could see it opening its mouth and its body wriggling around for a few minutes after. I decided I needed to take some pictures after it was done.

My handy tool, now sitting beside our door.
The snake
The snake's headless body

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

John's Blog

Since he didn't write for such a long time, you may not be checking John's blog anymore. He has recently written two posts so click on the link to read them.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ugandan Wildlife

So when you think of African wildlife what do you think of?

Maybe this:

Or this:

Or perhaps this:

Or maybe these are what you think of:

You might even think of these:
Now, do not covet your neighbour's wildlife. I will try not to tempt you. Here is our more common wildlife.
This dragon fly was 7 cm long and had an 11 cm wingspan. The photo doesn't really do it justice. I found it today. To some this may still seem like a beautiful creature. (Don't get me wrong. I like dragon flies too, but not huge ones that are half dead fluttering around and attracting dozens of ants.)
So if you're still being tempted, how would you like this bed time visitor?
Yes, this one was right above my bed last August. My dad comforted me by saying, "Don't worry. He's definitely eaten anything else." Thanks Dad! Yes, we caught him and he is dead. (Not my dad, the spider.)


Monday, November 4, 2013

Cookies for Three

We've been doing some baking for the S.4s (Grade 10/11. Our secondary school is only for O levels, up to S.4, and they take big exams at the end of S.4) as they've been writing their exams. We've done it a couple times over the past few weeks. Yesterday afternoon as I was getting ready to deliver success cards to the P.7s in David Family, I suddenly remembered that we were scheduled to bake for the S.4s today. I wrote a note on my hand which I hardly ever do and went over to David Family. I stopped to see if my friend could come over and then we biked back to our house. aka the Dangers house where we are currently living. Catriona and Acacia set up Settlers and I placed my settlements. (That's about all I did except for a few questions from Catriona about what I wanted to do. Not that I really knew since I had no idea what cards I had or where my or anyone else's settlements, cities, and roads were. Needless to say, I didn't win.)

Meanwhile, I baked oatmeal cookies. We decided to bake 2 batches since there were 19 S4s and we wanted to give them 2 each and wanted some for ourselves as well. I had kind of forgotten how much each batch made. I thought it was about 2 dozen. By the evening, I found out that 2 batches made more than 4 dozen. More like 6 dozen. Oh well, I thought. It means more for us.

So this morning, I walked over NHA with my mum. At 8:00 because although we were told to go at 7:30 the last time there were only 2 people there at 7:30 so we decided to go at 8:00. We were walking up to the school. It wasn't raining today so of course everyone would be on time.

But then I looked at the library. There were only 2 students there! What!?!?!? We went at 7:30, there were 2. We went at 8:00, there were 2. Anyway, we walked to the library and gave them their cookies. "You can have 2," I said. So the guys each took two and then one of them said, "There is only one more guy coming." What?!?! Here we were with our 40 cookies and there were only 3 students to take the exam. "And I don't know when he will come because our exam is in the afternoon." Go figure. "Well, you can have another one then," I said. Mum prayed and then we left then with about 10 more. Anyway, when they returned the container later, they were pretty happy. Who wouldn't be after 6 cookies?

Please be praying for the S4s and P7s as they finish up their big exams.

I'm sorry for my lack of posts. I'll try to get some pictures up.