Friday, June 29, 2012

...and 0!!!! We're Here!!!!!!

We have arrived here in Uganda! Praise God! We didn't have any complications with our flights at all and we got here safely with only 1 missing bag. We had a bit of a wait at the airport because our friends' van broke down so they had to get here in a different van after checking to make sure they could leave a van in a safe place. And of course everything takes longer than it usually would here! But there were some other friends from New Hope at the airport to meet us. We went to Garden City, one of the shopping malls in Kampala, and did some shopping and ate some lunch at a restaurant.

When we arrived here, there were several kids from Jonathan Family (one of the 8 family groups at Kasana) to greet us and help us carry our luggage into the house we are staying in. We are living in this house until the lady who lives here gets back from furlough. She is part of Jonathan Family so lives near them. We also had some cards and posters on our door. Many people and families had written these to welcome us back. Today and for the next 4 or 5 days we will be going to eat lunch and dinner at other families' houses so we don't have to make anything but breakfast. I'm sure Mum appreciates that especially because it's Dad who makes breakfast.

Thank you all for your prayers! I have been able to get a good sleep and have not had any problems adjusting to time difference. Continue to pray for the rest of my family as they have had a bit more difficulty (Catriona and John aren't awake yet!) adjusting. We appreciate all of the support you have given us and will continue to be thankful for your prayers!


  1. Great to know you've arrived bag and baggage Christina, and with such a warm welcome from the Jonathan Family! Good to see you in London.

  2. Hi Christina!

    I'm very glad to know you arrived safe and sound and are getting settled in!

    I hope you learn lots and tell us all about it on your blog.

    Lots of love,

    Uncle Sandy [and Aunt Linda]