Monday, July 9, 2012

Giving Thanks

On Saturday, July 6, 2012 if you lived in Kasana, Kiwoko, Kabubu, and anywhere in between you could hear the excitement rising at Kasana Children's Centre as the people prepared for one of the most anticipated events of the year. Throughout the day you could hear children and adults singing in many different languages, shouts of "Hallelujah!", and feel the ground shaking with so many people dancing. What could cause so much excitement?
The answer is simply Thanksgiving. In Canada, many people celebrate Thanksgiving. But what do many of us look forward to the most? The delicious turkey meal or the time of giving thanks to God. Here at Kasana, you can tell that the people wanted to give the day to our God. Only after a 4 hour program honouring God, was any food was served.
The program was full of singing and dancing and jumping and clapping. All 3 music groups at Kasana sang. Testimonies were given where several people expressed their thankfulness to God. A school for the deaf in Kampala danced, and the First Lady of Uganda gave a speech. Yes, that's right the First Lady. Janet Museveni (or Mama Janet as she is called here) is a Christian and it was very powerful to hear the testimony of a Christian who was so high up in Uganda's society. For our family and family group it was wonderful to see Nabukeera translating for her. Nabukeera has translated for our own family before when we went to visit Sam, our sponsor child. 
Everyone in our family group had an important role. Many sang, some were security and officials, some were drumming, and some were just dressed in  school uniforms and singing, dancing, and clapping.
When it was all over, we had a delicious meal of rice, matooke, meat, cabbage, and potato. It was a wonderful day of giving thanks to God.


  1. I have enjoyed the updates. It is geat to know that you are all there safe and sound. Thanksgiving must have been very exciting with Mama Janet there. I have heard about her from Uncle Gary before. It is neat to know she isa a believer.
    We are having fun with the Woods clan in Minneapolis. Most of the are off to Valley Fare(a Theme Park today) I am going to take Aunt Louise andx A. Helen to the mall. I will find a bench to read my book>

    Uncle Rod

  2. Its very convicting to hear how much more seriously the Ugandan's in Kasana took their day of Thanksgiving. We in the West should take a lesson from them. Thanks for posting all the updates, they're really good to read. :)