Friday, August 17, 2012

Hope Family

Yesterday, Catriona and I went to Hope Family. This is the family group for babies and toddlers. The Dendys, Uncle Stu and Auntie Sarah are running it. We were helping out and it is amazing to see how much bigger some of them have gotten since last year. We went on a walk around the circle. Uncle Stu suggested that we go and get some pictures taken at A. Constance's (our current home). So down the hill we went. It was good timing because as soon as we got down it began to rain. We went onto the porch and after a little while headed back up to the house.


  1. Great photos Christina and I imagine it's heavy work pushing buggies with two babies up a hill. x

  2. Christina they are adorable!!! :) You are doing such an amazing job helping out!! :)

  3. Are those the strollers that we got last year???
    When is there going to be a new post?