Monday, November 26, 2012


When you hear the word ant, what do you think of? Do you think of a crawling bug on the ground or do you think of a tasty snack? Well, on Saturday Catriona and I had the privilege of trying some ants. These are flying ants and every once in a while you see them crawling along and their wings covering the ground. The people here like to eat them. On Saturday, Catriona and I just had to taste one. So we each picked an ant off the ground, pulled the wings off (well, Catriona didn't know that part), and popped them into our mouths. Just imagine a squiggling ant, still alive in your mouth. But they were actually pretty good. They taste sort of salty. The trick is to do it fast, before you think too much about it.

Someone told us a story about the first time they saw the kids eating them. She went up to one of the kids and said in shock, "You're just eating those bugs!"
In response he said reproachfully, "They're not bugs Aunt, they're ants."


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  2. Aunt Helen is totally grossed out now. I am glad you are trying new things though. When I think of ants I do not think of a tasty snack.

    Love from Snowshoe Crescent

  3. You and Catriona - up to your ant-ics ;) Nicely done. I believe you can post video on your blog. I want to see this in motion.

  4. whether they are bugs or ants Christina, rather you than me! X

  5. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

    Uncle Sandy