Monday, April 22, 2013

I Live in Africa

Saturday, we went into Kampala. I hadn't been in Kampala since December and hadn't been farther than 10 km away from home since February. Here are some signs that I live in rural Uganda.
  • I don't think of putting a seatbelt on when I get into a car.
  • Bumpy roads are normal; paved roads feel unnatural (but very nice)
  • Skyscrapers scare me (actually buildings taller than two-stories are quite nerve-wracking)
  • In restaurants, I'm prepared to be told that something on the menu isn't available. Sometimes only about half of what's on the menu is an option.
  • I have trouble remembering what a shopping cart is called. (I was thinking shopping stroller at one point.)
I guess I'm going to be in trouble travelling downtown in cities in North America.

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