Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back in Uganda

We arrived safely in Uganda (with all our tubs!) a week and a half ago. It seems like it was much longer. It also feels like we never left. We have started school, seen our friends, and made some new friends. There is a new missionary family from the States and we've enjoyed getting to know them. Homecoming (New Hope's 25th anniversary) has been going on. It started Thursday night with a campfire. We have been able to meet people who were in David Family many years ago. We had a big David Family meal with them. We also saw some of the David Family people who have been at school and we haven't seen them for awhile. I'm glad we were back for it. The weather has been kind of strange. It's been very hot in the middle of the day and then cold in the mornings and evenings. Today is the last day of Homecoming. After church, we have a big picture and a big meal. My dad has been a "designated photographer" so I'll post some pictures later. Tomorrow is the Day of Rest for New Hope. It also happens to be my mum's birthday.

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