Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Recently John and I have been enjoying a lot of football (soccer) matches in the field behind our house. We've been playing with some of the other missionary kids. On Sunday, we played with some of the other MKs, almost all of Jonathan Family (the family group nearest to us that has about 20 kids), some of Pacific Family, and some of Ebenezer Family. Let's just say it was crazy because there were about 35 people all trying to get one ball and shoot it in one of the two nets. Then to complicate matters some of the people are Ugandan 18-year-old boys and some are 14-year-old Canadian girls (okay that's me) but there are very different skill levels and that makes it sort of confusing. But it was fun anyway. I enjoyed spending some time with my friends in Jonathan Family.


  1. sounds fun! hope there are not too many bruises among you all.

  2. It sounds like a lot of fun Christina. Does somebody keep score?
    Uncle Rod