Friday, November 28, 2014

Bringing You Up to Date

It's been a long time since I've posted.  Sorry for that.  It's been difficult to have a time when I'm not busy, have Internet, have power, and am in the mood for writing.  But since I've had a few exciting adventures since returning from Canada, I've decided to write.  The past month we've been back has not been an easy one.  Lots has happened.  One of New Hope's secondary students passed away the week after we got back.  That was very difficult for many people at Kasana. Please be praying for his family and friends.  

I have been trying to keep up with school as well as helping out at Hope Family and Special Needs, and hanging out with friends.  We also took a trip down to Musana Camps, enjoying the waterfall, the view, and the cool air. The past few days we have spent lots of time with our American friends celebrating Thanksgiving! Another post is coming soon telling about my latest adventure!

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  1. A lovely photo. Thanks for the post Christina, it does sound as if you've been busy and with life a mixture of joys and sadness along the way too.