Friday, June 12, 2015

David Family Camp

A couple of weeks ago, David Family got to go to Musana Camps.  We had an amazing time filled with lots of fun.  We drove down there on Monday and reached the camp just in time for lunch.  After lunch, we all got settled into our tents and then went down to the beach.  Some people went swimming, others played volleyball, and others just relaxed.  That night, we had a campfire where we sang songs, shared what we were thankful for, and ate mandazis (doughnuts), pineapple, and brown sugar, wrapped in aluminum foil and put in the fire.  Mmm...

The next morning, we had a couple of sessions and also played some games.  That afternoon we hiked to the waterfall and enjoyed getting soaked.  When we got back to the campsite, we had a huge water fight.  And the Musana Camps staff know how to water fight.  This meant that there was a tank of water on a tipper, pressurized by a generator, and sprayed threw a hose.  As we would say here, "It was serious." That night, after getting cleaned up, we had a Mystery dinner. Everyone was given a menu with strange names of foods on it.  Then they filled in a sheet to make 3 courses of food.  This resulted in strange combinations of food.  The worst combination was definitely fish soup and cake. It was really disgusting. was lots of fun.  After dinner, we had games night.  We had a lot of good laughs.

On Wednesday, we had some more sessions and some people went down to the beach again.  In the evening, we chatted and tried to walk the Slack line before dinner.  Dinner was delicious with pork, rice, and curried peas. We had another campfire that night and sang some more songs, and even roasted marshmallows!

The next morning, we packed up and got ready to go.  We ended up leaving after break.  On the drive back, we stopped for "chicken-in-your-face", sodas, and chapattis.  We got home around 4:30.  It was a wonderful time away and everyone enjoyed it very much.  I loved spending time with everyone and it was extra special to see Brian and Kakulu, two of our Treasures enjoying their time so much.  The photos are all from our friend Keziah.

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  1. Lovely photos from Keziah, especially of Brian and Kakulu, thanks for posting. Sounds a seriously fun time.