Monday, May 17, 2010


Hi everyone
Yesterday was a very exciting day. I was doing my schoolwork when all of a sudden I heard someone shout, "Is that a snake?" It was and it was a good thing the man cutting grass saw it. He pounded his hoe on the snake crushing his head. He then brought it out for us to see. It was a baby Puff Adder. It is very dangerous. I was told when it bites you the poison eats away at your flesh. The picture of it is when it was dead. The ants were very quick to start decomposing.


  1. Ugh!! I'm glad they got that snake. At least the ants got a good meal. I hope you don't meet any more.

    Auntie Linda

  2. Hi Christina! I really love looking at your blog! You do such a good job keeping all of us over here informed on what life is like over there! I'm glad that they got the snake! Have you seen any other animals while you've been over there?