Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello everyone

Church here is very interesting. At the beginning while everyone was coming the choir sang . They are a group of Ugandan kids. When the service starts we sing about 4 songs. Some are in English and some are in Lugandan. We sing them quite a few times so that part of the service is about half an hour to an hour long. During the sermon we need to use a translator. It was kind of funny because the sermon is on Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came upon the people at Pentacost and everyone could hear the apostles in their language. It would be a lot easier if everyone could hear the pastor speaking in English and Lugandan even if he was just speaking in Lugandan. After church we met our sponsor child and his family. There are 9 children in his family! It was a great experience for us. They didn't know how to speak very much English so it was hard to talk to them. Later in the afternoon they had a football (soccer) match. It was the Samuel family and the team against the Institute. The Institute won 4-3. For dinner we went to the Jonathan family. We had devotions before dinner. For devotions we went around the table and told what we were thankful for but we couldn't say the same thing twice. We then had to say what we learned from the sermon. For dinner we had beans, rice, posho, and collards. Posho is mashed maize or corn. Collards are a green vegetable kind of like spinach. The kids eat mountains of food. I couldn't eat nearly as much as them. After dinner we played some hand games with the girls and they started teaching us some Lugandan. I wrote them all down in a notebook. We were very tired when we went home to bed.


  1. Hi Christina it sure sounds like you had a busy day on Sunday. You said that the first part of the church service lasted about half an hour. How long was the whole service?

    Take care and keep the updates coming!

    Uncle Sandy

  2. Hi Christina
    Can you please Email me!!!
    I miss you!!!!