Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello from Uganda!!!!!!

Hello from Uganda!
We got here on Friday instead of Wednesday because of some complications with our flights. We’re getting settled in and have met up with most of our friends. We’re starting to get a bit more sleep at night. I didn’t have much trouble at all but the rest of my family were having some trouble. We’re staying in a house on the primary site right now while the team is painting the house we’ll stay in for most of our time here. That house is on secondary which will be closer to some of our friends but further away from the primary school. David Family, the family we’re associated with is the closest family group to secondary. It will be about a ten minute walk to David Family. We’ve been eating dinner at the guest house for the past few days with the team. It’s been nice to chat with the team.
For all my American (or United Staters as I have started calling you) relatives, (my Canadian friends and family don’t have to read this) we celebrated Independence Day with the United Stater missionaries. By the time we ate it was dark out (7:30) and my stomach was rumbling. We were the joke of the evening because we were Canadians at an American (or United Stater) celebration. Some people from the team didn’t understand at first why everyone was laughing when someone told us to start by saying why we were thankful for being United Staters. Dad just said, “Well, we’re thankful you’re glad to be Americans.”
Anyway, thanks to all those who were and still are praying for us. I hope you all have a great summer!



  1. Us "United Staters" had a fun celebration here for the fourth. Natalie loved the fireworks the most, but was quite tired the next day from staying up too late. We are thankful that you all made it there safely. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Hey Christina

    Keep waving your Canadian flag! You did take one with you didn't you?! :-)

    I share your angst over the July 4thers.... This Canadianer [living in the US OF A] had to WORK on Canada Day.

    Uncle Sandy