Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Walk In The Village

Yesterday, we went to visit our sponsor child at his home in the village. We stopped at David Family to pick up the girl who would be translating. We walked to their house and just as we were entering the village Sam, our sponsor child, and a few of his siblings came to meet us. When we got to their house we were greeted by Sam's mother, his grandmother, his aunt, and his other siblings. We went inside the house and sat down. We talked for a bit with the girl from our family group translating. Then we gave the family some gifts. For their whole family we gave a blanket. They opened it up and looked at it very happily. Then Sam's mother very carefully put the blanket back in the case it came in. We gave Sam a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a tank top. We were kind of worried they wouldn't fit but when he tried them on they were a perfect fit. I gave the girls (Sam's 3 sisters and a cousin) hair ties to wear as bracelets. I had also made his sisters a paper that had their names stamped on. We gave Sam and his little brother baseballs which John and Sam's brother played football (soccer) with later. We also gave the girls a skipping rope and after they thanked us they immediately went outside to try it out. They were really good at it and did lots of tricks with it. Sam's mother and aunt brought some tea (warm milk, which we think had caffeine in it because I was up a lot in the night when I usually sleep right through) and bread. I think there was a bit too much sugar in it for me because I drank it fine at school the next day. They were very concerned so I did my best to drink a little. We went outside to look at their garden. They had just harvessted maize. Then Sam presented us with a chicken! Sam's mother said, "It is for eating." We all joined hands in a circle to pray. Daddy started, "Heavenly Father" when the chicken burst out of his arms and began squawking like crazy. We all burst out laughing. We let someone else hold it as we started praying again and we made it through the prayer without further interruption. Afterwards we said, "It thought we were asking the blessing on it." We had to walk home quickly after the goodbyes because it was getting dark. Anyway we got a chicken for a gift. to be continued....

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