Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sport's Day

Last Tuesday, my class went to the district Sport's Day. We walked most of the way but then got picked up by someone from the school who had his van. I never knew you could fit about thirty kids into one van. I was sitting next to my friend and even when shouting at the top of our voices we couldn't hear each other. When we got there we waited for a few hours just hanging around. Catriona and John came at about twelve (two hours after we got there) with some of our friends. At least Kasana and I weren't the only white people there anymore. The sports started at about 1:00. The girls were playing netball and the boys were playing football (soccer). We watched one of each game (which both teams won) and then we went home for lunch. We stayed at home after lunch because Catriona, Kasana, and I were babysitting someone's kids. The boys won football and the girls got second (I think) in netball. It was really fun.

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